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Frog and Friends

En situasjonskomedie om livet til en frosk og om vennskap.

Tekstene er hentet fra diverse TED-talks og andre internettfenomener.

Episode One -
The One with The World - Pilot

In the very first episode of Frog and Friends Frog discoverers the internet and the world beyond..

Episode Two - 
Leaving The House

In this episode Frog leaves the house.
He also learns about communication and makes some new friends..

Episode Three -
Hey Buddy

Frog misses his newfound buddy and wonders how to stay in touch.

Episode Four -
I'm Fine

Frog dives down the rabbit hole and gets given a lesson on about being fine.

Episode Five -
Bobby Finckle

Season finale and things are heated. Frog makes a new friend as well.

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